Dressage, Endurance, Hiking and Ethology.

Medals and competitions

Thanks to its Arabian horses, and with the arrival of other members with a dazzling pedigree, the El Aaz farm is more and more motivated to participate in national and international competitions; including the Salon du Cheval d'El Jadida, held each year at the city's exhibition park 10 mins from our farm, she never fails to come out empty-handed thanks to her mares and horses well trained by a breeder and highly qualified assistant.


Whether for professional or entertainment reasons, the El Aaz Farm only purchases new members or mates two individuals after a very thorough study of their pedigree, and this for the purpose of guarantee a breed purity of around 100%.

Breeding, Dressage

A horse cannot acquire the ability to perform well, this is why Mr. Simohammed Oumlaz is committed to perfecting their talents, whether at a walk, or at a trot. The latter are trained wonderfully thanks to the presence of 20 boxes and 2 large paddocks.

Our Horses in pictures:

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Grâce à son héritage oriental de chevaux égiptiens de lignées pures Obayan, El Aaz Horse Farm contribue non seulement à l'effectif général marocain de pûr sang arabes, mais aussi à une fiérté Nationale de ces derniers parmi la région d'El Jadida.

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